Gurudwara Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar

It has a unique Sikh architecture. Built at a level lower than the surrounding land level, The Gurudwara teaches the lesson that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities. The four entrances of this holy shrine from all four directions, signify that people belonging to every walk of life are equally welcome.

The tree under which the leper was sitting came to be known as Dukh bhanjani Beri as it relieves the pains and afflictions A Gurdwara has been built near that Bed and thousands of people take bath near that Beri

Established in 1958 at Amritsar, Central Sikh Museum exhibits paintings of Sikh gurus, saints, Sikh warriors and other prominent Sikh leaders who have contributed to the enhancement of Sikh religion. It has a rich collection of coins, old arms and ancient manuscripts. It also houses an excellent library. Guide services are available on request. The museum is open on all days. Entry is free. Photography is allowed only upon prior permission.

HAR KI PAURI: (The steps of Almighty God) On the backside of the Sanctum Sanctorum is the place where devotees bow down to have a hand full of Amrit (Nectar) from the Amrit Sarovar. As we ascend upstairs this Pauri from the side stairs, nonstop recitation (Akhand Path) of Bani of Guru Granth Sahib goes on.

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